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  Voice Server

Server Name Server Address Password Channels Slots used Notes
venticon  [CKW] Gaming Ventrilo [Locked] /
tsicon  [CKW] Gaming Teamspeak - ckwgaming.com ts.ckwgaming.com:9987 (Join) 55 16 / 69

  Teamspeak Overview

Server name: [CKW] Gaming Teamspeak - ckwgaming.com
Operating system: Windows
Uptime: 14h 54m 2s
Channels: 55
Users: 17

  User Information

User Channel
Achilles Dysfunctional Squad's Insane Asylum
Anesa Fahran Dab Lounge
Aunt Jemima Dab Lounge
Biggi Allíslenska Liðstals Rásin Bran
BigOlGrizzrieBUURR Dab Lounge
Caboose Dysfunctional Squad's Insane Asylum
Gustaf Dysfunctional Squad's Insane Asylum
Hiwad Dab Lounge
Jay28 AFK (Higher Energy)
kariben Allíslenska Liðstals Rásin Bran
Last Greek AFK (Higher Energy)
Mascot Allíslenska Liðstals Rásin Bran
Massios AFK (Higher Energy)
Skinfaxi Allíslenska Liðstals Rásin Bran
Socom_M1911 Dysfunctional Squad's Insane Asylum
Vinbuster Dysfunctional Squad's Insane Asylum

  Channel Information

[CKW] Gaming Teamspeak - ckwgaming.com

Server IP:

Version: [Build: 1478594913]


Welcome Message:
Welcome to the CKW Gaming's Teamspeak.

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