Charlie Kilo Whiskey

So you want to learn what makes CKW, CKW? You've come to wrong place unfortunately. The cause and treatment of CKW has puzzled medical professionals for the past 9 years. We can, however, give you an insight as to how we came about, how we've aged, and how we look at the future.

The formation of CKW lies in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1942 and its most popular mod Desert Combat to be more specific, October 2006, to be specifically specific. With a simple Battlefield and Teamspeak 2 server, the clan grew into Battlefield 2, which had launched that same year.

In early 2007, a Counter-Strike division was formed, marking the beginning of the somewhat famous CKW Fun Maps server. Other, more sub par games were played throughout 2007, with multi-platform console gaming garnishing the rapid expansion by the beginning of 2008.

In August of 2008, due to internal conflicts, [CKW] split its original Battlefield and Counter Strike Divisions. Our original forums displaying the original announcement have been archived and can be found here:

The CS division kept the name and tag; while the founders and Battlefield division became =GNH= or the Global Night Hawks.

GNH was determined to be one step forward, two steps back, so it was changed once again. Ironically, =TDM= or Two Drink Minimum was adopted. Alcohol was expected to stop the bleeding and solidify the clan's remaining members, because the internet said that's what booze does. Much to everyone's surprise, TDM lasted no more than a couple months, much longer than anyone's buzz at the time.

The summer of 2009 brought a new wave of motivation to resurrect the clan. TDM was changed for a more appropriate =DNR= or Dark Night Ravens. (A panel of independent experts has determined that alcohol and or drugs were most likely involved in our founder's name change decisions.) With the clan somewhat content with their name, the previously popular Battlefield servers were re-launched. Soon, however, player numbers declined. CKW's original founders lost interest and moved away from Battlefield entirely- eventually cancelling the dual-quad core dedicated server the clan had operated off of since 2007.

By the fall of 2009, [CKW]/=GNH=/=TDM=/=DNR= was finally dead. Multiple name changes had gutted a large amount of core members. Contracting what has been scientifically classified as LOTROitis, CKW's founders moved on, referring to [CKW] as a lost cause.

A group Battlefield Division members broke off and formed =xXx=, or Triple X Gaming. They have since disbanded.

The glimmer of hope rested in the Counter-Strike division, still operating under the CKW name, whose player base had also diminished without mutual support of the previously healthy CKW.

By the end of 2009, the clan's members were homeless and out of motivation. Many of them nursing minor alcohol related problems.

This is where the current chapter of [CKW] begins.

Three members decided [CKW] deserved better than rot in the dark and tubular world of the internet cemetery. They were Massios (Nick), Lieutenant (David), and Mok0tsU (Kevin). With the good times in mind, they began resurrecting the clan.

Rumors brought many of the long-time members out of the woodwork from around the drama filled and slightly musty internet gaming world. There was now one rule: Simplicity. A dedicated server was ordered, this website was redesigned, effectively defibrillating CKW back to life. The name became Charlie Kilo Whiskey, symbolizing our goal of simplicity, yet retaining the clan’s roots. Historians also argue that CKW has simply become too cool for a name involving simple, gaming related terms.

The Battlefield division pivoted towards Project Reality, the most popular mod in BF2. Counter Strike also saw instant popularity with the reopening of its cherished Fun Maps server. The clan also expanded into Minecraft, building the now famous (in our mother's minds) CKWville. The clan focused on its core idea- A tight nit group of players with one common binding quality; the simplistic enjoyment of gaming.

Then, Battlefield 3 launched. A server was ordered and immediately popular, filling up at 8am on launch day. This popularity allowed the clan to grow once again.

The release of the DayZ ARMA 2 mod in May 2012 saw an expansion back to the golden and or rose tinted days of CKW, circa 2007. DayZ has remained an integral game played by most current members. DayZ and the pivot to Project Reality were the Prophet Scarnick's fault.

ARMA 3 to Garry's Mod, League of Legends to Minecraft, or World of Tanks to DayZ Standalone, CKW is ever expanding and always looking for great members. Simply enjoying gaming is always the primary goal.

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