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    All players must have a working mumble client. It is the squad-leader's choice to have you removed from their squad if you do not have a microphone.

    Spamming all-chat is not allowed.

    Squad-leaders must be able to speak English.

    English is the server's main language, if you do not speak English please label your squad with the language you speak.

    2.Squads Rules

    No squad can be created before the pre-round timer reaches 2:00. Any player doing it will be resigned.

    No locked Infantry squads below 6 players.

    All players must be in a squad.

    Do not join a squad to take a kit; ask the squad-leader before taking a kit.

    Work together with other squads, that is how the game is won.

    No 1-man locked squads.

    3.Assets & Claiming Assets

    Heavy assets: Tanks, APCs, all CAS, bomb cars/trucks, any vehicle equipped with missiles, and mortars. They may not be utilized while there are less than 20 ACTIVE players on each team.

    To claim an asset, name your squad according to the asset you wish to reserve. I.E. Tank, CAS, Trans, APC.

    The first created squad with an asset label has control of the assets they have reserved.

    Scout vehicles and AA vehicles may not be claimed and are first come, first serve.

    If you are going to use an asset, make sure you have the experience and knowledge to use it effectively.

    Do not 1-man a vehicle that is meant for more than one, I.E. AA tracked vehicle.

    No Duplicate squads.

    4.Cheats and Glitches

    Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed, if you are caught or evidence is provided, you will be removed permanently.


    Act mature and respectful during all aspects of game play; trash talking is allowed but please keep it within proportion.

    Racism is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the server.

    Ghosting is not tolerated and you will be removed if found guilty of it.

    Do not team-kill intentionally or sabotage your team in any way.

    What an admin says is final, if you have a problem with the administrator or a situation handled by them please post on our forums to resolve the issue.

    Do not recruit for other clans/servers, this will result in a kick and potentially a ban.

    To contact an admin, use the !r command instead of all-chat. (Alternatively, come onto our Teamspeak: ts.ckwgaming.com and look for an officer or leader)

    6.DOD & Base

    Smoking the main base/firing for no reason will result in a warning followed by a kick if it continues.

    You may not engage an enemy air asset that is taking off from the main base.

    No assets such as mortars are allowed to be built in the DoD (Dome of Death).
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